How to Save Money on Your Kid’s Birthday Party

27 Nov

Naturally, parents always want the best for their kids, and birthday parties are just one of the many ways they can show their love to their little ones.

Kids’ birthday parties can be very grand and therefore very costly, but most parents do not mind, as long as they are making their kids happy. But guess what, kids would not really know the difference of a ten thousand worth of party with a two thousand. If your real desire is to make your kid happy, you can do so even without spending too much.

Here are some ways you can save a huge amount of money on your kids’ birthday party.

1. Do not invite the entire class.

It’s pretty obvious, less guests means less cost, and inviting the whole class of your kid is not really practical and not always feasible. Invite the closest friends of your child. Depending on your intended budget, make a list.

2. Do not make it a meal.

Timing also matters. If you plan the party to be within 11am to 1pm, you should be serving lunch. If it’s around 5pm-7pm, that’s already dinner. A full meal will cost you more. Schedule it around 9am-11am or 2am-4pm. This way, you will only serve snacks and desserts, but good ones.

3. Send invites and thank you notes online.

The primary purpose of invites is to basically let your guests know about your party, like the time, place, etc. Well, the good news is, you can also give them such important information online, and you will surely save a huge amount of money for invitation cards that most people do not really keep and cherish after the party. Perhaps, you can print a few for your personal scrap book. Anyway, it is a great family remembrance which can bring back great memories with your child.

4. Pick a simple theme.

As much as possible, stay away from themes that are complicated and expensive. For example, a theme that goes around balls are perfect for toddlers. They can never resist balls, and they always have fun with them. Balls are very versatile, any color, type, and size will do.

5. Go to ninety-nine cents stores.

Contrary to the common belief, not all ninety-nine cents stores look cheap. Some actually have great deals on disposable party wares like party hats, crayons, balloons, stickers, and more.

6. Consider a DJ for hire in Sydney.

Most of the time, a single person can either bore a group of people or make them happy and have a great time. DJs are born to entertain and make events and parties something to be remembered. They are very versatile. You can send them to weddings, corporate functions, or birthday parties, and they can be great. A birthday party DJ hire in Sydney making your kid’s party within the course of two to three hours will certainly save you a lot rather than a group of party entertainers.

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